Mo Costello (Seattle, 1989) is an artist living and working in Athens, Georgia where she is the Photography Fellow at University of Georgia’s Lamar Dodd School of Art. While in residency (2015-2017) she has pursued participatory forms of fable and myth-making in an effort to conceive of other ways of being and existing alongside one another. Taken collectively, these gestures - whether curatorial, directorial or organizational - attempt to bring together otherwise isolated constituencies. Occasionally excessive, the work adopts a language of longing that is utopian in nature. 

Mo has exhibited nationally as well as internationally; with recent group exhibitions in New York, Sydney, Melbourne (2015) and London (2016). Max, a solo exhibition at the Dodd's Suite Gallery in March 2016, involved a collaboration with local gospel quartet, the Inspirational Heavenly Aires. Reading Station (HH), a site specific installation and term-long curatorial project, was conceived and organized with a similar emphasis on dialogue and collective potentiality.

More recently, NEWSPAPER (1969 - 2017), an exhibition co-curated with Publisher Marcelo Gabriel Yañez, considers the history of a queer publication originally conceived in New York in 1969 under the direction of Steve Lawrence. During the duration of the exhibition, alongside its initial release on the 10th of March at Murmur Media, a regional edition of the publication was distributed for free. A gesture intended to invoke excess as much as loss. 


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